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Creating a cluster


To train Composabl agents on a cluster, you need to install the Composabl controller onto a compatible Kubernetes cluster.

This document will guide you through setting up this cluster using various options:

  • Manually: Set up a compatible Kubernetes cluster through any tool and infrastructure of your choice
  • Automated: Set up a compatible Kubernetes cluster on Azure through the use of Pulumi (IaaS)


The entire Composabl controller installation consists of two main components:

  • Controller: This component connects to the Composabl No-code ui, and allows you to initiate training on your cluster.
  • Historian: The historian component records detailed statistics regarding the training process of your agent. After training, these will be available alongside the agent in the no-code UI


The installation of Composabl will introduce 2 namespaces, composabl-train and composabl-sims, for training workers and simulators respectively.

For normal operation, a series of permissions are required by the ServiceAccounts of the Composabl installation.

Cluster Setup

We currently have the following guides to setting up your own cluster:

  • Manual, if you're experienced in setting up a cluster, or have existing standard tooling for setting up kubernetes clusters
  • Automated, which describes the use of Pulumi for setting up a compatible cluster on Azure