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Starting Simulators for Training ‚Äč

If you have a simulation that conforms to the Composabl SDK spec, you can start that simulator and have it listen for decisions from the agent during training. The prodecure for starting a simulation depends on whether it is hosted on Docker Hub or not. We provide multiple simulation examples, hosted on Docker Hub, that you can reference and use to train agents.

Any simulation that is hosted on Docker Hub can be listed and started from the Composabl SDK command line interface (CLI). For example, here are the commands to start the demo sim.

# If it is not already running, start the Composabl historian.
composabl historian start

# View the list of simulators using the Composabl CLI.
composabl sim list

# Start a simulator with the Composabl CLI.
composabl sim start composabl/sim-demo