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📣 Release Notes - 0.6.0

During the 0.6.0 release we focused on performance, cleaner error messages and work towards a production release for Kubernetes (currently in private-beta! Reach out if you are interested to

⏰ For some statistics! This release contains 113 changed files with 5,273 additions and 2,777 deletions.

💖 Improvements

  • We reduced the networking overhead, improving the networking communication performance by 100%
  • We now send errors that happen on the simulator side to the client for easier debugging of the simulators in large scale scenarios
  • We cleaned up error messages
  • We fixed an issue in the box and dictionary action spaces that happened during wrapping into the networking packet
  • We improved the clean up resources on program exit
  • We improved the Kubernetes orchestrator for running jobs on Kubernetes clusters (private beta)
  • We can now continue training a job from a checkpoint
  • We now support preloaded skills